More competitive, with greater efficiency

Side by side with BMA: Indonesian refineries upgrade capacities

Over the past 30 years, BMA has made a name for itself in Indonesia as a partner for technology and equipment. We have installed more than 200 centrifugals, 30 pumps, 20 batch pans, four dryers and one diffuser, giving us excellent references from both the private and public sectors.

Indonesia has a population of over 260 million, making it one of the most populous countries in the world. To meet its annual demand for sugar of almost 3m tons, the country has launched development programmes aimed at Indonesian refineries: by upgrading capacities in domestic cane sugar factories, they can increase their import quotas.

More options, lower consumption

In 2017, BMA prepared comprehensive basic concepts for a number of refineries. In close collaboration with our customers, we were able to meet all targets for the capacity upgrades. We also managed to lower steam consumption to less than a ton per ton of sugar. 

Once the findings from the basic concept are implemented (including equipment made by BMA, support from local suppliers, and existing equipment), the refineries will be among the most efficient in Asia. They will be well equipped for serious competition.

Construction of a new production site

In addition to factory upgrades, BMA has also started a project that is partially greenfield. As part of the basic engineering, we prepared balances for the scenarios defined together with the customer in a kick-off meeting, and assessed them. After the presentation, we defined and developed our approach in detail.

The result: most of the existing equipment will be put to another use, to keep down costs. We will design the main process section and building from scratch. The plans will be implemented as specified by BMA.