A giant leap ahead

BMA Russia goes from strength to strength

Back in 2011, just after it was set up, BMA Russia was only a service centre that employed six engineers. Today, it is the largest engineering firm in the sugar sector in Eastern Europe.

Our subsidiary BMA Russia was set up in 2011 as a limited liability company. Its purpose was the first-class implementation of engineering and production technology processes in the sugar industry on the Russian and CIS (Commonwealth of ­Independent States) markets.

BMA Russia is based in Voronezh, the geographical centre of the sugar ­industry in the ­Russian Federation. When it comes to the implementation of ­complex ­projects and the supply of services together with BMA AG, the company’s expertise is sought after even beyond Russia and the CIS.

Compliance with the high standards of the BMA Group

BMA Russia’s core project team comprises more than 100 highly trained engineers, some of them with PhDs. They include sugar technologists, who have many years of experience in the field and are always striving to learn more – by sharing experiences and regularly attending training events and workshops in Europe. In the implementation of Russian and international projects for the building or reconstruction of sugar factories using state-of-the-art engineering, they comply with the high standards of the BMA Group and rely on internationally accepted methods and technologies.

When it was set up, BMA Russia had only two business fields: the sale of parts and the supply of services relating to BMA products. That seems a long time ago now. Today, BMA Russia is the ­second largest company within the BMA Group after its Braunschweig-based parent, in terms of its workforce size, production capacities and output. BMA Russia has about 200 skilled staff. Its strategy, aimed at penetrating the ­Russian market and tapping into all business segments in the region, has been a great success.

But at the heart of BMA Russia is its Engineering division. This comprises the Technological Planning, Construction Planning, R&D, Design and Cost Accounting departments and the chief project engineers’ office. Responsibility for project implementation lies with the ­Engineering division.

Mechanical engineering, automation, after-sales service

BMA Russia’s manufacturing business involves the building of BMA products. Automation has a project department and deals with software development, the installation of control cabinets and electrical assembly work. Customer service, a spare parts warehouse and parts sales all form part of the after-sales service.

In the eight years since it was set up, BMA Russia has become the largest engineering firm in the Eastern ­European sugar industry – which has also strengthened the position of the BMA Group in this market. Since production started, BMA Russia has stood its ground against competitors from both Western and Eastern Europe. This is mainly thanks to the excellent value of money offered and compliance with the very high BMA standards.


BMA Russia secures several major contracts

The Russian sugar sector is evolving along the same lines as its European and international counterparts, with mergers of the market leaders, technological advancements, and automation. In the course of these developments, BMA Russia has managed to secure a number of major orders. They include reconstruction and upgrade of the RUSAGRO factories in the Kurskaya and Tambov oblasts; the complex reconstruction of sugar factories in the Nizhny Novgorod area and in the Altai region; engineering services for a sugar factory in the Republic of Kazakhstan and a beet sugar factory in Asia; and joint projects with BMA AG in Egypt, the United States, China and other countries.

In the implementation, BMA Russia relies on the BMA Group’s global engineering network, which unites the experience and expertise of technologists, engineers and production automation experts. These international teams of experts can offer solutions for virtually any situation.

BMA Russia

BMA Russia’s business fields:

  • Supply of BMA AG products to Russia and CIS
  • Consulting and engineering
  • Local production
  • Automation
  • Services and parts sales
  • EPC and EPCM projects

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