An investment with a big impact

Four falling-film evaporators and a VKT for the SUTA sugar factory

Some years ago, we prepared an energy and upgrade study for the SUTA sugar factory owned by the COSUMAR Group, in close collaboration with SUTA’s own engineers. One outcome of this study has been the installation of four falling-film evaporators (FFE) for different effects, and of a large 5-chamber vacuum pan.

In 2017, SUTA decided to increase capacity ­from 9,200 to 12,000 t/d of beets for the 2020 campaign. BMA was awarded a contract for engineering, supply, assembly supervision and commissioning of four falling-film evaporators. The contract consists of two parts.

Assembly going to plan

A first 5,000 m² evaporator was delivered in late 2018, to be installed as the fourth effect. Thanks to the outstanding commitment of the SUTA team, the situation for assembly couldn’t be better. We are easily within schedule.

Three more new evaporators will be delivered at the end of 2019: two of them with a heating surface of 4,000 m² each, for effects 3A and 3B; the third with a heating surface of 3,000 m² for the fifth effect.

The benefits for the individual effects of installing these FFE together with the tried and tested juice distributor from BMA result from the small temperature differences and constant residence times. Colouration of the juice will be much lower and energy efficiency vastly improved.

A team of process engineers from BMA travelled to SUTA at the start of the ­campaign in early April 2019, for the ­commissioning of the first evaporator.

New VKT for the 2020 campaign

SUTA also placed another order, for a vertical 5-chamber VKT vacuum pan for A product with a 5,600 mm diameter. All parts that come into contact with the product will be fully made from stainless steel. Commissioning is planned for the 2020 campaign.


Three reasons why the 5-chamber vacuum pan from BMA is an excellent investment for the sugar factory:

  • Given the high efficiency of the mechanical agitators, there is no need to add water or steam to the product chamber.
  • An even better energy economy is achieved with the use of 4th vapour from the new FFE effect as heating steam for the VKT.
  • The VKT’s mode of operation permits continuous and uninterrupted production even while individual chambers are cleaned.