From the first concept until the final bolt is in place

Complete solutions from BMA integrate all our strengths

In over 160 years, the BMA Group has equipped more than 600 factories – an impressive record! Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can offer complex solutions to the sugar and food industries, for single process steps and complete factories alike.

Customers rely on our team of experienced professionals, from the first concept until the final bolt is in place. In close collaboration with our clients, we bring projects to their successful conclusion. The key factors in our success: prompt construction work as outlined in the detailed project plan; cost optimisation within the project budget; and doing everything we can to ensure efficient operation of the sugar factory and achievement of all required indicators.

From basic concepts to acceptance testing

EPC and EPCM projects may comprise the following stages: 

  1. Preparation of a basic concept for the construction or conversion of a sugar factory
  2. Basic engineering in compliance with local standards: developing a project plan; official or other project assessment; seeking planning permission
  3. Detailed engineering: preparing a detailed engineering plan
  4. Construction and assembly work: disassembling existing equipment, buildings and plants; earthworks; laying the foundations; reinforced concrete work; manufacture and delivery of steel structures; construction of buildings and plants; assembly of equipment and piping
  5. Manufacture and delivery of key and ancillary process equipment
  6. Manufacture and delivery of control cabinets; installation of cable mounting systems and cable trays; supply of software
  7. Commissioning 
  8. Acceptance test 
  9. Project management for construction or conversion of a sugar factory

In large-scale projects, all our skills and knowledge come into their own

To handle EPC/EPCM projects efficiently, we can today rely on a large pool of resources. This is how BMA Russia, a subsidiary of the BMA Group, implemented a 7-month project for the reconstruction and extension of a sugar factory, aimed at increasing its beet processing rate from 3,000 to 6,000 tons per day. 

At the construction site, one project coordinator worked together with four project managers, one each in charge of production, processes, automation and electrical installations. The team also included 25 highly qualified technical planners, process, civil and technical service engineers, and 500 assembly staff and electricians. Large and small construction machinery, 30 machines in total, were used to carry out the work. 

Voronezh – head office of BMA Russia

The following made a major contribution to the handling of the project:

  • BMA Russia’s own manufacturing department (45 items of equipment and metal structures produced)
  • Manufacturing capacities for control cabinets (approx. 200 single cabinets built)
  • The head office in Voronezh, with its Customer Service, Purchasing, Logistics, Finance and Legal departments.

Once assembly was complete, the sugar factory was successfully commissioned. It achieved all required operating indicators during the 10 -day acceptance test.