Rehabilitation of two sugar refineries in Algeria

BMA MENA has concluded a consulting contract with the Algerian investor Ouest Import for the rehabilitation of the Khemis Meliana sugar refinery. The scope of services includes the inspection and assessment of the existing equipment. This job was completed in a very short time, between Christmas and the end of 2008.

As part of a privatisation programme Ouest Import has taken over two sugar refineries, which needed to be renovated and rehabilitated. As a result of the assessment phase an action plan has been prepared and implemented during a scheduled stop of the refinery.  During this assessment period several interventions have been made to define the actual shape of the equipment and to prepare a maintenance and renovation plan.

When the first action plan has been implemented and the refinery recommissioned, the first items of equipment will be replaced. With the new equipment, the emphasis will above all be on a higher capacity. In this connection, the outdated centrifugals in the factories Khemis Meliana and Mostaganem will be replaced with modern BMA centrifugals. The contract for these machines was signed at the end of 2009.