Scope of supply

Engineering & Consulting

BMA MENA provides advisory services and offers technical and technological solutions wherever its customers intend to improve the productivity and quality of their production facilities, or reduce their energy and raw material comsumption.

BMA MENA also offers consulting and engineering services for the planning of new production plants

Service & Maintenance

BMA MENA puts special attention on high quality after sales service, which is provided by trained local experts.

BMA MENA also has service experts on installed close to the customers which will make possible the respond to our customer’s need for on-site assistance including emergencies, extremely quickly.

Complete solutions

BMA MENA provides equipment supplies and services to complete BMA engineering and equipment suppliers so that customers receive comprehensive and complete solutions for their needs.

BMA MENA’s service portfolio does not end with engineering and project management. It also includes the organization of local manufacturing to serve complete projects in the MENA Region.