Visitors from Belgium watch a 3D model turn into reality

In our June Newsletter, we reported on the new 14,500 t/d extraction plant project for Raffinerie Tirlemontoise - Tiense Suikerraffinaderij in Belgium. Work on the extraction plant is progressing well and within schedule, with completed equipment items regularly leaving our workshops in Braunschweig. You can read the latest news from time to time on our social media channels, on LinkedIn and Facebook.

We are always happy to receive customers here in Braunschweig, so they can see for themselves what their plants look like as “works in progress”. During their recent visit, the project team from the Tienen sugar factory were able to stand inside one section of their extraction tower, look at the interior of the plant in our workshops and see the excellent workmanship for themselves. 

The sugar factory is expecting the new extraction plant to annually reduce CO2 emissions by 5,744 t and water consumption by 150,000 m³. For the implementation, it has received one million euros in subsidies from the Flemish government – strong evidence of the sustainability of the solution.

Every day, reality looks a little more like the 3D model of the plant, built for the project kick-off event in Belgium. The tower will be commissioned during the 2023 beet campaign.