Funktionsprinzip K3300F kontinuierliche Zentrifuge

Via the charging device, the massecuite, water and steam are continuously fed into the product distributor, where they are thoroughly mixed, evenly distributed and accelerated.


An electropneumatic valve controls the massecuite inflow. Isolates from vibrations and movements in the pipe. Efficient massecuite preparation:  The massecuite temperature is maintained by the addition of steam and water in the double-walled feed pipe. The added steam also improves the flow behaviour of the massecuite. Permits continuous production and prepares the massecuite for separation.

Product distributor

The product distributor Improves the separation of the mother liquor. The purpose is an even distribution of the massecuite and prepares the massecuite for separation. This BMA patented distributor is a “Standard 25” for A-product and has an energy efficient design.

For a high throughput and top quality

The rapid yet gentle heating of viscous massecuite in our stepped Turbo-3 massecuite distributor prepares it perfectly for centrifugation. Some syrup is already separated at the preseparation stage, permitting higher throughputs than with a traditional conical centrifugal basket and therefore greater efficiency in plant operation. With the double-angled basket, sugar crystals of maximum purity and quality can be produced. The patented elliptical openings in the basket shell also play a major part in this. If required, we can supply fully automated centrifugals that are tailor-made for your requirements.

Elliptical openings

Then the mixture enters the conical basket. The larger the basket diameter, the greater the centrifugal force, efficiently separating the mother liquor from the sugar crystals. These pass via the basket edge into the sugar chamber, dropping continuously onto the conveying unit to be installed below it. The basket is driven from below by an external AC motor via a V-belt.

Separation process

Due to the forces of centrifugation, the sugar crystals are thrown over the edge of the basket and separated from the mother liquor.


A detail of the molasses chamber. The molasses flows through the outlet in the bottom.

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