BMA Brazil

As of recently, BMA is also active in Brazil under the company name BMA Brasil Equipamentos Industriais Ltda. based in São Paulo. The activities cover three BMA business areas – Sugar and Sweeteners, Automation, and Biomass – and include sales, technical assistance, project management of local services, and manufacture in Brazil.

The prospects in the largest country of South America are promising. With its more than 450 operating sugar factories, Brazil is today the largest sugar producer worldwide and offers excellent opportunities. And there are dozens of new projects at various stages of development, for which the renowned BMA technology is highly welcome. These facts alone make a local representation necessary.

In the past years, Brazil has been experiencing strong economic growth, and the country has become the sixth largest economy. This and a population of about 190 million with a constantly growing purchasing power have lead to an increasing demand.

The name BMA is held in high esteem on the Brazilian market, and the experts in this field recognise the technical performance of BMA equipment. One example is the first horizontal diffuser for the production of sucrose from sugar cane, which was assembled in 1982 in Brazil, supplied by BMA in a partnership with local companies. This plant is still in operation today, confirming the high quality of the technology. Plants of this kind are known in Brazil as “BMA-type diffuser”.

The activities of BMA Brazil cover all business areas of the BMA-Group.

Scope of supplies and services of BMA Brazil

•    Sales of plants and spare parts
•    Services and repairs
•    Assembly and commissioning of BMA machinery and plants
•    Technical assistance
•    Project management of local manufacture and services
•    Automation of existing plants

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Spotlight on innovations

Spotlight on innovations

What’s the first country that comes to mind when we talk about sugar? Brazil, of course. The prominent position of the Brazilian sugar industry is reflected in the trade fair world.