Plant upgrades and retrofits

New centrifugal control systems for a successful campaign
In Russia, beet sugar plants are tested to the limits during the campaign. Technical system failures must be avoided at all cost during these three or four months, as they would result in huge financial losses. Which is why sugar factories do their utmost to prepare machinery and equipment for the campaign.

Immediate 24/7 support during the sugar beet campaign

Even in an emergency, customers can rely on BMA

In an emergency, customers can reach BMA 24/7 on +49 531 804 666. The breakdown of a machine, interrupting production, can result in huge financial losses. Every hour of machine downtime is money lost. What you need in that situation is immediate help without any red tape – even outside office hours and particularly at weekends.

Online training courses for the sugar industry

BMA Academy goes online with webinars
In the sugar industry, knowledge transfer is the key to greater efficiency. The Academy is now offering its training solutions online as well. This allows us to make our knowledge available to everybody, so machinery and plants can be operated efficiently and safely.

A new digital newsletter for the sugar industry

BMA is further expanding its range of digital services with webinars, online presentations and a monthly newsletter.
The corona crisis presents a challenge for corporate communications, too. But digital communication is bringing people worldwide closer together, despite the pandemic and geographical distance.

Good ideas, good protection: BMA patents for the sugar industry

Optimised BMA processes improve performance and protect the environment 
In the last 150 years, BMA has developed and launched a whole range of processes and products. Patents play an important role in this respect, as they protect BMA’s innovations and expertise. They help us optimise our processes and protect the environment.

BMA develops new user interface for centrifugals

Consistent visuals in E and K series for more user friendliness
Programs and apps are becoming ever more intuitive and user friendly – also the centrifugal software from BMA. With our new graphical user interface for the E and K series, we are setting standards in the sugar industry.

Message from the board

2020 marks the start of a new chapter for our “Info” publication.

smart.monitoring: agility meets tradition

BMA is evolving to become a digital service provider

Embracing innovation

The world’s largest beet sugar factory is under construction in Egypt
Canal Sugar, a project for the largest beet sugar factory in the world, breaks all records. And BMA plays a key role in it: we are supplying the largest extraction plant ever built, and are responsible for its integration with the overall factory concept.

Sugar dryer and VKT for ACS

BMA supplies plants for modernisation of Drayton sugar factory
Several years ago, the American Crystal Sugar Company (ACS) started to systematically modernise their Drayton, North Dakota factory. In 2019, it was the turn for a new BMA sugar dryer and a VKT vertical continuous pan for B product.

From laboratory to industrial production

BMA studies crystallisation of sugar substitutes
In January 2019, the Finnish company Fazer announced that they would be building a plant to produce the sugar substitute xylitol. That is the context for our study on the crystallisation behaviour of solutions containing xylose or xylitol.

Plenty of benefits

SUTA updates order to include direct-contact condenser from BMA
A new chapter in a successful collaboration: because of the COSUMAR Group’s positive experiences with equipment from BMA, such as our vertical continuous pans (VKT) or our falling-film evaporators (FFE), the SUTA sugar factory continues to put its trust in us.

Two kisses left and right

Caroline Ulsamer is one of Germany’s best formation dancers
It is by now a good tradition: every year’s BMA Info introduces a member of the BMA team who has an unusual hobby. For this issue, we have spoken to Caroline Ulsamer, who joined Human Resources at our Braunschweig site as a working student in April 2019. Caroline’s great passion is dancing.

Small but special

The Galion sugar factory on the Caribbean island of Martinique is both a major cultural site and an economic asset. BMA has been involved in the factory’s development for many years.

A small refinery with a big effect

Major success for BMA on the American continent
BMA regularly implements refinery projects worldwide. Now we have completed a brand new mini refinery for Sucro Canada in Hamilton, Canada.

More performance, less complexity

BMA upgrades Nordzucker sugar house in Örtofta
Nordzucker have closed the production of refined sugar at Arlöv and moved it to Örtofta, expanding and upgrading their sugar house at the new southern Swedish site in the process – with the help of BMA.

Interview in Egypt

Interview with Dr Elghayesh, Executive Director, and Mr Wael, Production Director at ASSM (Al Sharkiya Sugar Manufacturing S.A.E.)

First VKT commissioned in Mexico

Mexico is known as an innovator among sugar producing countries in Latin America. Its sugar industry takes an interest in new technologies and in ways of improving the sugar process by optimising energy consumption and increasing sugar output – which is where BMA steps in

Experience and teamwork

BMA assembles new sugar drying plant in Russia.
Experience is always a good thing. You can build on it in new projects, and it will help you achieve good results. This is what happened with the OOO “KURSKSAKHARPROM” sugar factory in Russia.

A systematic approach to energy saving

Consumption down, efficiency up: our energy management efforts are paying off
ISO 50001 is the name of the standard for establishing a rigorous and comprehensive energy management system at BMA. Its implementation is having many positive effects on our company.

Levers are out, touchscreens are in

How the interface design of our centrifugals has evolved
In the last 150 years, BMA has developed and launched a range of different centrifugal types. With each new model, we have drawn on research and experiences gained in the field, driven by our customers’ high standards. This is equally true for interface design.

Connected & smart

BMA upgrades Nigerian cane sugar factory
BMA has been doing business in Nigeria for about 40 years. As an engineering partner, we played a major role in building the country’s first cane sugar factory near Numan in northern Nigeria. Now we are upgrading the factory.

Innovation through automation

Robot-based production line in Braunschweig now running
In our Braunschweig workshops, a robotic system that forms part of a new production line at BMA’s main site has recently taken over the manual welding of centrifugal housings and frames.

A new course

Reorientation of BMA America now complete
In 2018, BMA management undertook a fundamental review and evaluation of BMA America’s commercial, organisational, operational, and financial situation. The result of this analysis was a reorientation of the Company.

More capacity to meet higher demand

BMA involved in upgrade of Kaset Phol plant
BMA is in charge of a major part of this project: the new refinery at the Kaset Phol cane sugar factory site, located between the cities of Khon Kaen and Udon Thani in the north of Thailand near the border with Laos.

Anytime, anywhere

A new platform for the BMA Group’s quality strategy
The intranet-based BMA Enterprise Quality Management links all employees of the BMA Group. In the office, at a customer site, or on the road – they can access the quality management platform at any time and from anywhere.

A high standard

Our engineering team unites experts from many fields
First-class planning of new plants and smooth commissioning procedures, reducing energy consumption and increasing output for existing plants: BMA’s engineering expertise has many benefits.

On course for success

BMA Russia steps up production of plants
BMA Russia has been consistently expanding the manufacture of technical equipment. As a result, far more locally produced top-range technology from BMA is available for sugar factories in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The right choice makes a difference

Throughput, material & more: with centrifugals from BMA, all options are available
Buying a new centrifugal is an investment decision that requires careful consideration, not just in times when budgets are tight. Which is why the right configuration really matters. Ultimately those supposedly small details can make all the difference.

Ready in time for the new campaign

BMA supplies fluidised-bed steam dryer to Ukraine
The Ukrainian PAO Salivonkovsky Sugar Factory had set itself a number of goals: upgrade its drying plant for beet pulp, integrate a new fluidised-bed steam dryer (WVT), and increase the beet processing rate. Quite a list of items – leading to a whole range of questions.

Crossing the globe Crossing the globe

India, Brisbane, Braunschweig: Dr Omkar Thaval is now at home at BMA
Dr Omkar Thaval works as a Senior Technologist in Engineering at BMA AG in Braunschweig. In this interview, he talks about his unusual career path, his passion for sugar technology, and how his colleagues in Braunschweig helped him settle in.

Message from the board

Dear readers,

We are all familiar with it, from our own life and from those around us: growing up, leaving home, maybe starting a family, and possibly moving from a flat into a house – constant change. But if we did not constantly develop and learn, there would be no progress.

Home and dry!

Al Nouran sugar factory: commissioning completed in spring
The scope of our contract for construction of the new Egyptian Al Nouran sugar factory for Al Sharkiya Sugar Manufacturing (ASSM) is such that we have reported on its progress in several issues of BMA Info. Now, commissioning of the factory has just been completed.

A vision becomes reality

A major step for beet extraction in China – thanks to BMA
Hulunbuir Shengtong Sugar Technology Co. Ltd. has been planning to expand its beet sugar business in Hulunbuir, the northernmost region of Inner Mongolia, since early 2017.

To the top

Production start at sugar refinery in Eastern China
What started a few years ago with a contract for basic engineering has become reality: in December 2018, Dafeng Yinmore Sugar’s new refinery started production of very high-quality white sugar.

Success in a new market

The molasses-massecuite mingler for a better way to treat C massecuite
In many countries, our molasses-massecuite mingler (MMM) technology is well-established. Now, it has conquered a new market: Latin America.

Overcoming all challenges

Tubular falling-film evaporator replaces plate pack design
In December 2017, the Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative in Wahpeton, North Dakota, decided to buy a new falling-film evaporator for the first effect of their evaporator station. Their aim: creating better operating conditions for the whole station.

A moderate temperature in all seasons

New sugar dryer from BMA America for North Dakota
The American Crystal Sugar Company is welcoming a new drum dryer and cooler. This will help operators at the Drayton sugar factory in North Dakota solve one problem: the large ­differences in temperature between the seasons.

1 plus 1 equals 3

A drying system and fluidised-bed cooler for more capacity
Increasing capacity with only a small investment – is that really possible? Adding a fluidised-bed cooler to your drying system opens up a range of new opportunities.

A first in down under

BMA falling-film evaporator in Australia
Bundaberg in the Australian state of Queensland is home to BMA’s first falling-film evaporator (FFE) on the continent: the first effect of an evaporator station in a cane sugar factory with 6,000 t/d capacity.

A good principle

A concept for juice purification ­ from BMA
Operation of the new juice purification station at the Znamenskiy sugar factory in Russia is based on the pre-carbonatation principle. What makes this method so special? And how can beet sugar factories and sugar refineries benefit from state-of-the-art physical and chemical juice purification?

In full swing

Construction of Al Reef sugar refinery is progressing well
About three years ago, BIA (Biomass Industries Associates), who specialise in EPCM contracts in the MENA region, awarded BMA several major orders for key equipment for the main process stations of the Al Reef sugar refinery. The first stage of the project has now been completed and the refinery is taking shape.

An investment with a big impact

Four falling-film evaporators and a VKT for the SUTA sugar factory
Some years ago, we prepared an energy and upgrade study for the SUTA sugar factory owned by the COSUMAR Group, in close collaboration with SUTA’s own engineers. One outcome of this study has been the installation of four falling-film evaporators (FFE) for different effects, and of a large 5-chamber vacuum pan.

Full capacity

New extraction plant from BMA at Dobrovice
A new plant with new capabilities: BMA has delivered a cossette mixer (6.7 diameter x 8.5 m) to Tereos Dobrovice. It replaces an old mixer (5.6 diameter x 8 m), also built by BMA.

From their own resources

BMA organises first Nigerian sugar symposium
With around 190 million people, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country. BMA assists Nigerian sugar producers in their task of making Nigeria self-sufficient in sugar. This includes knowledge transfer.

Connected, smart, innovative: digital solutions from BMA

Digital technologies are changing the way we work. They offer a range of opportunities for increasing ­output, also in sugar production.

Let’s talk about it

Review of the BMA symposium on digitalisation
In industry, politics and the media, at meetings, confe­rences and trade fairs, there’s no way now of ignoring digitalisation and the Internet of Things (IoT). In November 2018, BMA hosted a symposium under the motto “Smart enough? The sugar industry in the digital age“.

The future starts now!

smart4sugar: data analysis for better decision-making
Information is a valuable resource. To stay well ahead of the competition, data have to be available and analysed promptly. How can that be done? With the smart4sugar solution from BMA.


Smart control system for operation of batch centrifugals

Double action

BMA develops system for automated dosing of flocculants
One process step in sewage treatment plants involves adding flocculants to sewage sludge after biological treatment, for dehydration of the sludge before disposal. BMA has managed to improve this process ­considerably.

Faster, higher, stronger

How BMA promotes innovation and achieves better performance
Passion for Progress is the guiding principle for all BMA employees. We collect ideas and gain experiences, make suggestions for improvement, and close gaps in our knowledge. Our ­motivation is to continuously improve our products.

Automatically better

How automation can improve crystallisation results
Operating conditions in cane sugar factories are changing everywhere the world – to such an extent that a fundamental review of the production concept has become necessary. One major aspect is automation.

Sweet as sugar

Our expertise comes in handy where the group of polyols is concerned
The food industry is always on the lookout for new ideas and concepts for enhancing the nutritional value of foodstuffs. One major contribution comes from BMA.

The action is here!

Perfectly divided: cycle time manufacturing at BMA
High-quality products, short lead times, high efficiency and flexibility – all of these characterise manufacturing today. Plus, of course, on-time delivery.

A giant leap ahead

BMA Russia goes from strength to strength
Back in 2011, just after it was set up, BMA Russia was only a service centre that employed six engineers. Today, it is the largest engineering firm in the sugar sector in Eastern Europe.

Spotlight on innovations

Why the Fenasucro & Agrocana trade fair is so important for BMA
What’s the first country that comes to mind when we talk about sugar? Brazil, of course. The prominent position of the Brazilian sugar industry is reflected in the trade fair world.

A team with a special talent

First meeting of BMA engineers for international project business
For our centrifugal experts in After-Sales, regular meetings are a long-established tradition. Now BMA’s on-site assembly staff in the project business have followed suit: they had their first meeting in Braunschweig at the end of last year.

A passion that unites

A truly international team, also on the football pitch
BMA has a network of subsidiary companies and sales offices that spans the globe. People from over 25 nations work at BMA’s main site in Braunschweig alone. This is reflected in our football team.

A powerful team!

Good staff are a key factor in our success – which is why we believe in training

A strategic advantage

BMA MENA moves to new offices in Tunis
BMA MENA, our Tunisian subsidiary, has moved to new offices in the immediate vicinity of the contracting firm BIA (Biomass Industries Associates).

Looking at the world from a hot air balloon

BMA employee Robert Bessel talks about his passion
Floating through the air – who hasn’t dreamed about it... Robert Bessel, Senior Manager Health, Safety & Environment at BMA in Braunschweig since May 2018, has made this dream come true. He has turned his hobby, ballooning, into a small enterprise.

At the heart of sugar refining

New refinery construction for Dafeng Yinmore Sugar is progressing well
In Dafeng, our customer Dafeng Yinmore Sugar’s new refinery has been growing ever taller for over a year now. The factory complex is located just three kilometres from the coast, on a reclaimed land site. A whole new industrial area will be developed here, with excellent links to global trade routes.

Planned to the last detail

Engineering Network delivers tailor-made solutions – such as in China
Basic engineering, detailed engineering and the piping design for the sugar house: those were our job specifications from the Yunan Yinmore Group in China. In November 2017, BMA completed the 4,000 t/d refinery project and handed over all documentation.

From the first concept until the final bolt is in place

Complete solutions from BMA integrate all our strengths
In over 160 years, the BMA Group has equipped more than 600 factories – an impressive record! Thanks to our wealth of experience, we can offer complex solutions to the sugar and food industries, for single process steps and complete factories alike.

Times seven

Huge performance boost for Kirsanov sugar factory
Due to be commissioned in 2021: the new sugar factory near the Russian town of Kirsanov, immediately next to the old factory site. And what distinguishes the new plant from the old one? First of all its capacity, which will be seven times higher.

An investment for the future

Salivonkovsky beet sugar factory benefits from two new dryers
Most drying and cooling processes require large amounts of energy. Which is why cost and energy efficiency are top priorities for dryers from BMA. Such as the two plants we built for a beet sugar factory at Hrebinky.

A market of opportunities

BMA supplies machinery and equipment for sugar factory in Nigeria
Nigeria may be Africa’s most populous country by far, but it is not the continent’s biggest sugar producer. That is about to change.

Growth in popularity

BMA builds two cane diffusers
Diffuser technology is on the rise. In cane sugar factories requiring extraction plants with outstanding performance, high availability and low maintenance, diffusers are often the equipment of choice.

More competitive, with greater efficiency

Side by side with BMA: Indonesian refineries upgrade capacities
Over the past 30 years, BMA has made a name for itself in Indonesia as a partner for technology and equipment. We have installed more than 200 centrifugals, 30 pumps, 20 batch pans, four dryers and one diffuser, giving us excellent references from both the private and public sectors.

A win-win situation

Centrifugal assembly in Brazil
For BMA Brazil, 2017 was again filled with a range of activities relating to centrifugal production.

Working alongside a star

Equipment from BMA America at TV location
Gold Rush is a popular reality TV series in the United States. The television location was equipped with the help of BMA America, with a trommel screen for gold mining built by our team.

Rated highly

Why more and more factories rely on OVCs
Central America is another part of the world where continuous cooling crystallisers (OVC) from BMA are rated highly. So what is it that makes our OVCs so successful?

New perspectives

BMA Automation turns attention
If you want to be at the cutting edge, you have to be flexible. That applies in particular to business fields that move at breakneck speed – such as automation technology.

Managing data systematically

The DMS from BMA – now available to our customers
Storing, managing and sharing data and information: for the efficient organisation of large projects, BMA uses a specially developed document management system (DMS). We now offer our customers a tailor-made version of this DMS.

Experts for large tasks

Across industry boundaries, our manufacturing expertise is in demand
BMA has been a leading supplier of equipment to the international sugar industry for more than 160 years. As well as building complex and highly dynamic machinery such as centrifugals, a special service we offer is handling oversized plants and apparatus.

A wealth of experience

Its international focus is a key asset for BMA
Since its beginnings, BMA has implemented thousands of projects for customers across the globe, each of them unique. Our technical, financial, geographical, administrative and time resources form the wealth of experience and expertise we rely on in our projects.

Availability up, costs down

The After-Sales team from BMA keeps your plants up to date
In the cost analysis of a plant, what counts even in the medium term is not the initial investment but operating costs throughout its service life. Which is why BMA offers its customers a wide range of preventive maintenance and repair services.

We make no compromises

A compromise is a solution that is reached by all sides making concessions and accepted by all stakeholders. But we set the highest standards – for our products, ourselves and our international organisation. So we make no compromises.

A special passion

Research and development are key factors of our success
Since its beginnings, BMA has developed many technical innovations. That is reflected in our vision, Passion for Progress. The focus is especially on our Research & Development (R&D) team, the BMA department that transforms this vision into reality.

Three letters have a big impact

CSR is firmly rooted in our corporate culture
BMA first defined its company vision in 2005, in a small booklet that has become a big success. It has been reprinted four times, the last time in December 2017.

Ready for all challenges

BMA China invests in new office and workshop
BMA (Nanning) Industries Co., Ltd. are based right in the heartland of the Chinese cane sugar industry, in Nanning. It is the capital of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, which accounts for over 60 % of national sugar production.

Sought-after experts

Frequent conference appearances by sugar technologists from BMA
In many sugar-producing regions, they are the most important industry events of the year: the meetings of sugar technologist associations.

Ready, get set – go!

Always on the move, also in sports
BMA likes a challenge – whether it involves running races, playing football matches or towing oversized vehicles. Even in their spare time, BMA employees enjoy working as a team and crossing the finish line together.

May we present…

… the international management of the BMA Group

BMA opens Hong Kong office

Strengthening sales in the SEAP region
Physical proximity to customers and providing personal and technical assistance are the keys to continuing business success. With Hong Kong, BMA has placed a new pin on its map of sales offices.

A “tachito” for El Salvador

The advantages of a seeding system from BMA
Since 2014, BMA have been working very closely with Grupo CASSA from El Salvador. Our common goal is to improve energy efficiency and sugar output of their Izalco and Chaparrastique cane sugar factories.

From the laboratory to practical application

Why science is of particular importance at BMA
At BMA, we continuously improve our plants and machinery, based on scientific findings from tests, which we use in product development.

"The BMA Engineering Network holds a real treasure"

An interview with Carsten Rehbock, Senior Manager Engineering


BMA America offers improved service at Greeley
Based in Greeley, Colorado, BMA America has been working on the American continent for several decades. Our range of products and services includes the sale of equipment and spare parts, as well as service and maintenance.

The next chapter in a success story

BMA Automation completes process control system for the Agrosnabsakhar factory
BMA have maintained a fruitful partnership with the Agrosnabsakhar sugar factory, based in Elets in Russia, since 2010. Our subsidiary BMA Automation has played a key role in the factory conversion.

More efficiency, less effort

Smart Sequencing for centrifugals in a cluster
Better performance and lower operating costs – these goals are becoming ever more important for the sugar industry. Also in the use of batch centrifugals. BMA focuses especially on improving their energy efficiency.

The force of water

A new addition to our range of manufacturing methods: water jet cutting
From thermal separation to welding and to moulding, and from machining to surface finishing: BMA uses many different metalworking techniques in its workshops. Now we have further expanded our vertical integration with water jet cutting.

Into a new dimension

Construction of Russia’s largest beet sugar factory is progressing well
Not far from the Russian town of Kirsanov, a beet sugar factory is taking shape that will eclipse all other factories in the country. The plants, due to be commissioned by 2021, include evaporator technology from BMA.

The right place to talk

Trade fairs and conferences play an important part for BMA
Even though business is an increasingly digital world, there is nothing like a face-to-face talk at one of our industry’s trade fairs or conferences.


BMA offers glimpses of the company on the social media
Social media are gaining in importance – also for BMA. Our new company pro les on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other similar websites provide exciting opportunities to find out more about the BMA Group and its global activities.

OVC for Schweizer Zucker AG in Aarberg

On 29 February 2016, a leap day, Schweizer Zucker AG (SZU) based in Aarberg, Switzerland, placed an order with BMA for supply and installation of a vertical cooling crystalliser with oscillating tube bundles (OVC).

For optimum discharge

Upgrades improve centrifugal performance and efficiency
Sugar factories and refineries upgrade their centrifugals to keep them up to date, for better performance, efficiency, functionality and hygiene. BMA has now upgraded twelve centrifugals at Nordzucker AG’s Klein Wanzleben factory near Magdeburg in Saxony-Anhalt.

To the last detail

BMA Brazil: study to increase the extraction output of diffusers
Brazil is the number one sugar producer and exporter in the world. In this major market, BMA is represented by its subsidiary BMA Brasil Equipamentos Industriais – manufacturing the latest generation of centrifugals and providing engineering services.