BMA upgrade of Sukari Industries cane sugar factory in Kenya

Cooling crystalliser to increase sugar yield

Starting with a basic concept followed by basic and detailed engineering, and finally the supply of machinery and equipment: BMA plays a major role in the upgrade of the Sukari Industries sugar factory in Kenya. Our customer, the Rai Group, aims to significantly increase the plant’s capacity.

BMA to raise daily processing capacity

The Kenyan Sukari Industries sugar plant has been in operation since 2014. Although planned with a processing capacity of 5,000 tpd of sugar cane, this target figure has not been achieved and the current capacity is just 3,000 tpd of sugar cane.  

While BMA had originally submitted a quote for engineering and construction of the sugar cane factory, that order was placed with an Indian company, due to different price expectations. Now BMA will be in charge of raising the processing capacity to the original target level. 

BMA basic concept presents new factory layout for Sukari Industries

In June 2021, BMA received an order for a ​​basic concept for a factory upgrade. Specifications included energy savings and an upgrade in two steps: from 3,000 to 5,000 tpd, and from 5,000 to 10,000 tpd of sugar cane. A detailed report summarising the results was presented to the customer in person.

BMA’s basic concept outlines the plant and production layout required for an upgrade of the processing capacity. The Rai Group was so impressed with our analysis and recommended solutions that it immediately asked BMA to provide the basic and detailed engineering as well. 

BMA to supply cooling crystalliser to Kenya

Currently the focus is on the first step of the upgrade, which involves increasing the daily processing capacity from 3,000 to 5,000 tpd of sugar cane, stabilising Sukari Industries’ new operations, and ultimately increasing the sugar yield. 

In addition to making a number of changes in production, BMA has received an order for supply of a​​ cooling crystalliser (OVC). We have configured this equipment such that it can be expanded to a processing capacity of 10,000 tpd of sugar cane if and when required.

BMA to upgrade other Rai Group plants in addition to Sukari Industries

Because of the positive experiences gained with BMA, the Rai Group has decided to rely on our engineering services to upgrade additional plants.