Dmitry Kashin new General Manager of BMA Russia

Braunschweig/Voronezh. On 15 July 2019, Mr Dmitry Vladimirovich Kashin was appointed as General Manager of BMA Russia.

Mr Kashin will be leading the successful BMA subsidiary in Voronezh with immediate effect. Having completed his university studies in Leipzig and Moscow, his career path took him directly into the food industry. Mr Kashin has in the past held leadership positions in well-known companies such as Nestlé, Mars and De’Longhi. Now BMA Russia will be benefiting from its new General Manager’s many years of experience and expert skills in management and the food industry.

“BMA Russia is the largest of our six subsidiaries and it was therefore important to us that the new General Manager would have international experience. There is close and constant exchange among the companies of the BMA Group. A certain level of awareness and experience are essential when dealing with international customers and contacts. And it was important to BMA to have a decision-maker in our Russian subsidiary who was born in Russia and therefore knows the country and its people”, said Dr Dirk Steinbrink, Chairman of the Board of BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG.

With this change in leadership, the parent BMA AG has confirmed BMA Russia’s valuable role within the Group. The subsidiary’s existing portfolio will continue to meet our Russian customers’ high standards. BMA Russia is the leader in engineering and after-sales in the Russian sugar sector.

Braunschweig-based BMA AG would like to take this opportunity to thank the previous General Manager, Mr Zhambul Zhuasbekov, who has decided on a change in direction after serving BMA for many years. Said Dr Dirk Steinbrink: “We wish him the very best of success for the future!“