BMA Academy's first web seminar is a full success

BMA Academy's first ever web seminar for a customer was a full success. It was attended by more than 50 international participants from AB Sugar factories in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In a 2-hour session at the start of the web seminar, Andreas Lehnberger and centrifugal expert Henning Wenkebach answered questions, some of which had been sent in advance. The following topics were covered: centrifugals, throughput, troubleshooting, syrup washing and syrup separation.

Both speakers and the participants relied on a video link for communication. An online PowerPoint presentation provided the necessary material for the web seminar. With these aids, urgent matters and general issues could be sent to everybody, wherever they were, at the same time.

"The web seminar was very well received by participants", said Maja Drage of BMA Academy. "It has shown us an excellent way of enabling exchange between interested people in different locations and at short notice."

"Please pass my big thank you to Andreas and Henning – the presentation was really what we looked for, it was really custom made – which is great. I got lots of positive comments from people from all our businesses. Everybody found the session very informative and they learned a lot."Renata Czaplinska, AB Sugar

Given this overall positive reception, we are planning to offer more web seminars for international customers and colleagues. Topics will be tailored to our customers' needs.