A logistical challenge – BMA ships fully assembled OVC

Shipping the two cooling crystallisers, each with a diameter of 4 m and a total height of 29 m, has presented BMA with a logistical challenge.

Last year, BMA won an order from Vienna-based Vogelbusch Biocommodities for the supply of engineering services and equipment for a unit in the company's glucose monohydrate crystallisation process.

The main items in the scope of supplies are two cooling crystallisers, batch-type centrifugals, and a combined drying and cooling system.

A special feature of the project is delivery of the cooling crystallisers fully assembled rather than in individual sections.

One fully assembled machine is already awaiting shipment at BMA's Braunschweig site, the other is currently being assembled.  Even moving this equipment from BMA's premises to Salzgitter for shipping will already be a logistical challenge. Both OVCs, each standing 29 m high and with a 4 m diameter, will be shipped in horizontal position. Onward transport to the place of installation in Russia will then be as an oversize load on two dedicated vehicles.