XXXV Convención y EXPOATAM 2013 Don Héctor M. Sáenz Couret

Representatives of the Mexican sugar industry will meet for their annual specialist conference September 24-27. The latest developments in the sugar industry will be represented in numerous expert lectures including the topics “Agro-Engineering”, “Cultivation and Harvesting”, “Factory Design”, “Laboratory”, and “Co-products/Ecology”.

Take the opportunity to gather specific information about current BMA developments:

Reducción de la pureza de melaza empleando cristalizadores enfriadores verticales oscilantes (OVC) en azucareras de caña

Thursday, September 26, 2013 at 09:30 am

This year’s conference will again be accompanied by an exhibition. Together with our partner EPI Equipos para Ingenios, BMA invites you to visit us at our booth:

Centro Expositor Puebla
Av. Ejército de Oriente No. 100
Unidad Cívica 5 de mayo
Puebla, Puebla

ATAM, the Association of Mexican Sugar Technicians (Asociación de Técnicos Azucareros de México), has been successful in continually increasing the technical level and productivity of the Mexican sugar industry for over 67 years. This has been achieved through R&D and implementation of the latest findings with regard to technology and management.

The exchange of experience with other national and international organizations also plays an important role in achieving this objective.