19th AFCAS convention

The French sugar cane association AFCAS, which was founded in 1983, aims to promote throughout France scientific, technical and economic knowledge of the agronomics, cultivation, industrial processing, residues and marketing of sugar cane and its by-products.

Since its beginnings, AFCAS has furthered this mission by hosting annual conventions for cane sugar specialists and non-specialists from around the globe.

These conventions address a range of topics, such as these:

  • Growing sugar cane in an island setting
  • Global sugar market
  • Reforming the sugar market organisation in the European Union
  • Economical use of water
  • Sequencing the sugar cane genome
  • Ethanol
  • Bioenergy
  • Economical use of sugar cane biomass
  • Use of the agrarian resource sugar cane in the food and non-food industries as part of a sustainable agriculture
  • Additional topics

BMA will be attending this convention.

For details, please do to: www.afcas.info