BMA's digital agenda

Networked devices, smart services, specific customer needs, global competition – each of these items on its own is reason enough to tackle the digital transition of your own company rather today than tomorrow.

Last year, BMA succeeded in compiling a full list of digitisation aspects in a comprehensive roadmap. The focus was on product development and particularly on internal processes. This made it necessary to review all digitisation activities throughout the BMA Group. The result: in many parts of the company, digitisation is already happening, while other areas still need to be persuaded of the need. Some projects are at the implementation stage, others have not quite got off the ground.

“It is particularly this early stage that takes time”, explains Thorben Förster, who deals with the IT aspects of digital transition at BMA. After all, this is not about taking existing business models and processes and placing them in a digital environment, but about approaching them in a completely new, digital way.

In order to coordinate the different initiatives, providing input here and there, and hopefully integrating all projects on a single platform, BMA has set up a “Digitisation Core Team”. Its permanent members include the departments Corporate Communications, Marketing and Sales, R&D and HR.

“In the list of corporate objectives, this topic will continue to dominate the top places”, says Axel Lange, Head of Group Marketing and Corporate Communications at BMA. Which is why the recently published new edition of BMA’s company vision features digitisation in several places.

Uwe Schwanke of the BMA Board of Directors is also well aware that the transition to a digital organisation and culture will not happen overnight: “In all parts of the company, the willingness to change is growing, and the corporate culture is evolving. It is up to us to remove obstacles”, concludes the CTO.

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