Fluidized-bed steam dryer

Raw material drying

Efficient energy use in the processing of renewable raw materials Industry is increasingly relying on renewable raw materials.

Particularly processes involving mass flow rates above 10 t/h provide a great opportunity for BMA to draw on its extensive experience in the sugar industry. BMA technologies for energy-efficient drying are especially popular around the globe, helping with optimum energy use.

One particularly energy-efficient method is the use of superheated water vapour in a fluidised bed for drying renewable raw materials. With this technology, almost all the energy released during drying can be reused at another point in the process. As a result, less of the expensive primary energy is required, while the efficiency of the renewable raw materials-based production process is improved. This method also considerably reduces CO2 emissions. BMA thus contributes to enhancing the sustainability and energy efficiency of industrial production processes.

The BMA pilot plant offers a wide range of unique options for testing the fluidised-bed steam drying process for a variety of products. If required, this may also include the preparation and conditioning of the source materials.

fluidized-bed steam dryer
fluidized-bed steam dryer

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