Yellow microscope view of sugar crystals in syrup


Our passion for progress

Passion for Progress – Time and again, BMA has demonstrated that it puts its company vision into practice. With our technical innovations, we have been setting industry standards for over 160 years. Our solutions have impressed customers around the globe. One of our aims is to delight you time and again with new top quality mechanical and plant engineering products.

In addition to new developments, we consider it one of our tasks to modify machinery, apparatus and equipment to ensure they continue to meet our customers' requirements. Our work focuses on the continued development and enhancement of separation methods such as centrifugation or filtration in sugar production. Our innovations also help to optimise crystallisation-based production processes in other industries.

Sustainability plays a key role in all our developments. We aim to continuously enhance the efficiency of our machinery, apparatus and equipment while increasing capacity. Another priority is to significantly cut energy consumption, CO2 emissions and production costs.

But BMA's development activities comprise more than the optimisation of process steps, machinery, apparatus and equipment for the sugar industry. We have also made a conscious decision to focus on improving details in production. What we can offer our customers is practical experience and technical expertise combined with a scientifically based systematic approach. This combination gives our customers a technical and technological edge, as well as providing a wide range of benefits in operation.?

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From the laboratory to practical application

From the laboratory to practical application

Why science is of particular importance at BMA At BMA, we continuously improve our plants and machinery, based on scientific findings from tests, which we use in product development.


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