Vertical continuous pan (VKT)

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1. Factory data
2. Process data of equipment
2.5. Massecuite data (target values)
MA < 0,65 mm for A-product and refined sugar
MA < 0,5 mm for B-product
MA < 0,4 mm for C-product
larger crystals possible upon request
2.6. Feed solutions
2.7. Production of seed
2.8. Seed massecuite data (only if in 2.7. "Yes" was selected)
3. Material of the equipment
A-product and refined sugar: Made completely of stainless steel
B-product: Calandria made of stainless steel, vapour chamber and drain bottom including cylindrical segment below the calandria are made of carbon steel
C-product and recovery products: Made completely of carbon steel
4. Further data
4.1. Electric power supply
4.3. Ambient conditions
5. Remarks
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