Sugar and Sweeteners – solutions created with over 150 years of industry knowledge.

For every automation or electrical engineering challenge in the Sugar and Sweeteners field, BMA Automation will find the perfect solution. We design process control systems and can integrate our solutions with existing systems. Our primary objectives are improving performance while also reducing energy consumption.


Beet receiving/preparation, slicing, extraction, pulp dewatering, juice purification, evaporation, crystallisation, centrifugation and drying – each stage requires expert knowledge of the production process and the best automation solution. We will automate and visualise the entire process for you. So if a problem does arise, you can quickly find and fix it.

Our solutions work on their own and can be integrated with any process control system. We use only measuring and control systems from well-known manufacturers. Each one is selected especially for the relevant application. All control systems we use have extremely short response times. You can therefore control the process directly while optimising energy consumption.

Global sugar production and all our services centre on the crystallisation process. We continuously improve this process with special programs for continuous and batch-type vacuum pans. They are the result of 150 years of experience. Innovative control technology assists in crystallisation, ensuring optimum conditions for the process. As a result, less energy is needed to produce high-quality sugar.

Centrifugals from BMA are well known and valued the world over, and not just in the traditional sugar industry. When it comes to control systems for centrifugals of all types, even from third-party manufacturers, BMA Automation offers standard solutions that can be customised. For operation with a single machine or multiple centrifugals – whatever your application, we can offer you a control and drive system solution that will improve efficiency, output, quality, safety and navigation according to your specific requirements.

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