BMA falling-film evaporators

The heart of the heat economy 

The way an evaporator plant works has a crucial impact on the heat economy of sugar factories and refineries. Perfectly tailored to the overall process, it allows effective action to increase the energy efficiency of upstream or downstream process steps.

The unique juice distribution system from BMA

Thanks to a structure comprising preliminary, intermediate and principal duct levels in juice distributor from BMA, the juice flow rates are constantly and evenly reduced. As a result, the heating tubes are covered in a very even film of juice. This prevents the formation of sugar charcoal while also optimising heat transfer.

Slim and compact

Thanks to the juice separator integrated below the calandria, the evaporator has an especially slim design, reducing its footprint and saving steel construction costs. The juice distributor is easily accessible, which is not the case with evaporators that have the juice separator at the top.

Equal to all challenges

In evaporators from BMA, the volume of juice fed into or discharged from the machine does not affect circulation, making them very reliable in operation.

Easy to clean

Falling-film evaporators from BMA used in cane sugar factories have a higher juice distributor dome, making them easier to inspect and clean. Whenever necessary, the juice distributor and heating tubes can be cleaned with a high-pressure water jet from the top tube plate, without opening the flange.

Evaporators from BMA can be tailored to specific operating conditions; custom solutions for different applications are also available.

Key benefits at a glance

  • Customisation for specific operating conditions
  • Well-thought out engineering concept for efficient evaporator use
  • Very high heat transfer
  • Short retention time of the juice
  • Even juice distribution prevents formation of sugar charcoal
  • Superior droplet separation prevents sugar losses
  • Reliable operation also under varying operating conditions
  • Ease of access
  • Small footprint
  • Optional: reduced investment costs with locally manufactured parts

Please refer to the product brochure for more detailed information. We would also be happy to advise you in a personal consultation.

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