DynFAS MW (Brix Measurement)

Measurement of the dry substance content in sugar solutions.

Dynamic. In real time.

The DynFAS MW is a microwave measuring unit that determines the dry substance content of any substance (dissolved or as a solid) in an aqueous solution. The measuring unit has many areas of application within a sugar plant. Microwave measurement is very stable and reacts rapidly to slight product changes. This real-time measurement helps the higher-level automation system react directly to fluctuations in the process.

Areas of application

  • Sugar solutions (Brix)
  • Milk of lime (Baumé)
  • Molasses (dry substance content in %)


  • Plug & play solution
  • Robust design, lower maintenance outlay
  • Simple calibration
  • Automatic temperature compensation

New features

  • The measuring unit is permanently connected to the sensors
  • No high-frequency cable is required
  • The control panel is mounted directly on the evaluation unit
  • Cable-based remote control unit

DynFAS MW includes

  • DynFAS MW with control panel on the evaluation unit (connected to the sensor)
  • Sensor with remote control
  • Sensor with rinsing and without rinsing
  • Piping installation
  • 2x outputs 4-20 mA / RS 232 / RS 485

Commissioning is carried out by software specialists from BMA.

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