BMA Academy

A step ahead through knowledge 

Efficiency, quality and safety standards in sugar production are continuously rising – as is the level of user knowledge required for optimal process control . New employees have to be regularly trained and instructed in the use of existing machinery. BMA offers training units on a range of topics:

  • Sugar production
  • BMA equipment
  • BMA process components

The BMA Academy training programmes take into account the different levels of knowledge. Using theoretical and hands-on examples, those with little prior knowledge learn how to operate BMA machinery and apparatus efficiently and safely. Advanced participants are given detailed knowledge of BMA equipment as well as an overall view of sugar production . Thanks to the comprehensive description of the production process, participants understand how different parts are related, enabling them to assess the consequences of their operative actions.

But whichever BMA Academy training unit your employees choose - all courses offer a helpful combination of hands-on training and theoretical knowledge. The result: a perfectly trained team who can efficiently and safely operate your plant and machinery.

How you benefit

  • Safe operation of equipment
  • Greater efficiency thanks to detailed knowledge
  • Improved problem-solving skills
  • High level of employee satisfaction