Cooling: ten out of ten.

The new generation of cooling systems.

Cooling crystallisers are used in beet and cane sugar factories and sugar refineries worldwide for the crystallisation of sugar from low-purity crystal suspensions (massecuite); they are economical and produce excellent results.

Cooling crystallisers from BMA (OVC) are vertical units consisting of a cylindrical product chamber (1) and cooling pipes (2) only on the inside. Massecuite enters via the product distributor (3). Hydraulic cylinders (4) drive the vertically oscillating cooling packs. The product is discharged at the lower end (5) of the OVC, which can be adapted to fit a specific piping infrastructure.

Design features

  • Modularity of OVC cooling blocks and body
  • Standard lifting system and standard product distributor
  • Compact design
  • Easy to integrate with piping systems thanks to standard flanges



In developing its cooling crystallisers for low-raw massecuites, BMA has given careful thought to the theoretical principles underlying the process. The result: crystallisers that allow trouble-free cooling of highly viscous massecuites (inlet viscosity 150-200 Pas) to a final temperature of 40 °C even at a non-sugar/water ratio of 4 (outlet viscosity 1000-2000 Pas!). BMA cooling crystallisers are employed with great success in both the beet and the cane sugar industries. Today, they only come as vertical units.