Vertical continuous pans (VKT)

One solution, many applications 

Vertical continuous pans (VKT) from BMA were developed to ensure maximum exhaustion or crystal content for a wide range of massecuite purities in the beet and cane sugar factories and sugar refineries. To date, VKT have been installed in more than 75 factories, meeting very high requirements: process continuity, massecuite with a high crystal content, and a small footprint for outside installation.

Optimised personnel deployment thanks to automation

Unlike in batch-type crystallisation and evaporation processes, the operator only has monitoring duties during normal operation.

Around-the-clock availability

Consistent operating conditions make for long working cycles. VKT from BMA feature a bypass system that optimises the cleaning process. This permits continuous 24/7 operation of the VKT during the campaign.

Efficiency thanks to continuous throughput

In contrast to batch-type crystalliser, the VKT permits a consistent level of vapour bleeding from the evaporator station. This results in more even running of the evaporator station and a consistent dry substance content of the thick juice.

Vapour savings with low heating steam pressure

The low massecuite level above the calandria keeps the heating steam pressure low when an agitator is used. Moreover, circulation and homogeneity of the massecuite are improved. The heating steam can therefore be taken from a downstream effect of the evaporator station and fully used in the upstream effects.

Continuous massecuite circulation with use of agitators, even at lower heating steam pressure levels

If the factory output has to be reduced, the crystallisation and evaporation in the VKT is adjusted simply by lowering the heating steam pressure. The combination of an agitator and a double-cone bottom ensure continued good circulation and homogeneity of the product. It is therefore not necessary to add water or steam to the massecuite, making the process more energy-efficient.

The key benefits of the VKT from BMA at a glance

  • Field-proven cylindrical chambers
  • Use of agitators make for excellent circulation and mixing
  • Defined massecuite flow between chambers
  • Controlled process state in each chamber
  • Cleaning of individual chambers during production
  • Space-saving solution thanks to vertical structure

Please refer to the product brochure for more detailed information. We would also be happy to advise you in a personal consultation.

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