A partner you can rely on.

Throughout all project phases.

Engineering: developing concepts
Even at the engineering stage, we at BMA take a holistic approach. Together with our customers, we develop comprehensive concepts whose benefits win them over from the start. On this basis, we propose planning solutions that you will certainly want to implement. And in terms of economic viability, plant efficiency and final product quality, our solutions are simply the best, even if we say so ourselves. If required, we can help you place your project on a secure financial footing, guide you through the maze of approvals, and organise full insurance cover. 

Procurement: delivering solutions
If you are looking for help in putting your plans into action, look no further than BMA for commitment and passion! We manufacture all key machinery and equipment for the core processes of sugar production ourselves. All other factory components including alternative products can be sourced by us from international and local suppliers. We choose our partners carefully, based on our knowledge of the market and keeping in mind who suits the requirements. We’re not bound to specific manufacturers either. And we never lose sight of the keys to success: superior performance, cost efficiency and meeting deadlines.

Construction: putting plans into action
Our project management team is responsible for completing all project phases within schedule and budget, and for delivering the agreed quality. To ensure this, we have an efficient controlling system in place. Assembly and supervision of installation by contractors are carried out by experts from the relevant country subsidiaries, who have the required regional knowledge – and speak your language.

After-sales: much can happen in the service life of a factory
With timely upgrades, optimisations and regular maintenance, you will keep your competitive edge and ensure the high availability of your machinery.

  Feasibility, basic & detailed engingeering      
  Process equipment, automation, control systems      
  Field devices, controls, control systems      
Building shell          
  Factory, canteen, warehouse, ancillary buildings      
Technical equipment of buildings          
  Alarm and fire systems, lighting      
Building services          
  IT, electricity, gas, water/wastewater, cooling and ventilation systems      
Outside areas          
  Enclosures, traffic zones