Batch pan (DVK)

Experience gathered in more than one hundred years in the design and construction of batch pans and know-how acquired from vertical continuous pans (VKT) now determine the design of modern pans.

Advantages and features:

  • Central circulation pipe (downtake)
  • Welded heating tubes with a tube-to-tube distance <10 mm (providing larger heating surfaces)
  • Optimal calandria deaeration and condensate removal
  • Mechanical agitator conformed to calandria, downtake, shape of pan bottom and application
  • Pan bottom designed for optimum flow (no dead corners)
  • Starting volume <30%
  • Low massecuite level above the calandria
  • Excellent crystal quality even in large units
  • Efficient separation of juice from vapour

BMA designs and constructs batch pans for all crystallization products in the beet and cane sugar industry and for refineries. They are made in non-alloy steel (carbon steel), or in stainless steel (in whole or in part).
Even though the sugar industry increasingly changes to continuous pan boiling, batch pans are still required, e.g. for the production of seed.


Standard sizes of batch pans

Type mm D3200 D3600 D4000 D4400 D4800 D5200 D5600    
Diameter mm 3.200 3.600 4.000 4.400 4.800 5.200 5.6000    
Nominal capaycity l 40 50 60 75 90 105 125    
Heating surface m2 190 249 315 387 468 558 651