For batch centrifugals from BMA or other manufacturers.

Up to 24 centrifugals. Managed together.

This sequential control system is the perfect way to manage and control the starting or discharge behaviour of up to 24 centrifugals. User-friendly menus let the operator assign the integrated centrifugals to different groups and set their position within the group. This innovation permits fully automatic operation of the centrifugals, with energy consumption and throughput at optimum levels.

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  • Freely reproducible centrifugal sequence
  • Centrifugals can be assigned a different position in the sequence or to another group at any time
  • Integration of up to 24 centrifugals (up to four groups with six centrifugals each)
  • Higher-level independent control system with an intuitive user interface
  • Integration of centrifugals from other manufacturers
  • Smart break/fault management to handle centrifugal failures
  • Can be tailored to customer requirements
  • Choice between filling and discharger locks
  • Low-energy operation and reduction of load peaks protect the customer’s power supply
  • Choice between operation for batch efficiency, energy efficiency or transport effiency

The upgrade kit comprises

  • Switchgear cubicle (wall-mounted) and operator panel
  • Software licence for each sequence

Commissioning is performed by a software specialist from BMA.