G-series discharger

Discharger and hood actuator for G series.

High availability for your centrifugals. Upgrade your discharger.

The G19 discharger for G-series batch centrifugals from BMA is a completely new development. Compared to its predecessor, the guiding system is even more stable and less prone to contamination. Other new features are the air cylinder-based hood actuator and the G19’s accurate centring device.


  • Encapsulated lubrication system
  • No contamination of sugar with lubricants
  • Maintenance reduced to a minimum
  • Minimised wear
  • Guiding rail protected against incrustations
  • Optimised centring device for hood actuator
  • Better hygiene
  • Available for all G1250/1500/1750 centrifugals

The upgrade kit comprises of

  • Discharger with plough
  • Closing hood actuator with two actuating cylinders, actuator guide ring and track rollers
  • Adapted centring device
  • Guard plates for discharger, hood actuator and centring device

Installation is supervised by a centrifugal specialist from BMA.