Sugar cane extraction

BMA diffusers – getting the maximum

Every sugar campaign aims for maximum output. All the better, if a simple but reliable process can be used already at the juice extraction stage: diffusion. In many up-to-date sugar factories, diffusers from BMA are therefore the state of the art.

Maximum extraction rates

Diffusers from BMA are used to extract raw juice with the highest possible sugar concentration from mechanically broken down sugar cane, to permit economically viable processing. With our diffusers, it is possible to optimise parameters such as the retention time, the volume-to-throughput ratio, the amount of fresh water and the concentration gradient. Extraction rates of up to 98.5 percent are the result.

Easy and cost-effective installation and operation

The diffusers from BMA are based on simple yet reliable functional and design concepts. With only a small number of complex components, many parts can be manufactured locally. Wear and tear has been reduced with the use of fewer movable components. In addition, many standard assemblies are used. All this helps to cut costs while achieving excellent technological results. The simple and thus reliable diffusion process combined with a high level of automation means far fewer operating staff are required, particularly compared to a cane mill.

Greater potential for co-generation

With their central drive, small pumps and few movable parts, diffusers from BMA require less energy. Which means that every kilowatt hour (kWh) saved can be sold!

The key benefits of diffusers from BMA at a glance

  • Maximum extraction rates of up to 98.5 %
  • Low investment, operating and maintenance costs
  • High share of locally manufactured parts
  • High potential for co-generation thanks to low energy requirement
  • Excellent juice purities
  • Low contamination risk
  • Further reduction of sugar losses with sludge recycling
  • Low level of residual moisture in the bagasse
  • Outdoor installation possible