Technology leader with a global outlook

We owe our success to our employees’ strong commitment. For over 170 years, we have combined our efforts to enhance even further both our technologies and our services. As a result, we are now proud to be a global leader in mechanical engineering and the construction of process steps and factories for the sugar industry.

And we will continue to set standards with our innovative solutions, serving an international customer base. Which is why we are looking for both experienced professionals and young people, who, like us, are interested in learning from each other, growing together with every challenge, and taking responsibility for shaping the future of BMA.

Headed by BMA GmbH in Germany, the Group has international subsidiaries in China, Russia, Tunisia and the United States. BMA thus has local representatives in almost all major sugar-producing and processing markets. With our sales offices, we are engaged in business in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Across the globe, BMA has successfully built or upgraded a total of 400 sugar factories to date. The secret lies in combining technical expertise in the competence centres of our international subsidiaries with local project management. In large-scale projects, we can rely on all our production sites. A multicultural environment and international travel are part of everyday business at BMA. At our head office in Braunschweig, you will, in fact, find employees from more than 26 countries. By joining BMA, you can become an important and reliable part of a committed, international team.


“Zukunftgeber” quality seal awarded to BMA AG and BMA Automation

Blending “Zukunft” (future) and “Arbeitgeber” (employer), the “Zukunftgeber” seal officially certifies BMA and BMA Automation as “providers of a future”. It is awarded annually to local businesses following an audit by the Alliance for the Braunschweig Region and the Braunschweig employers’ association. To qualify, companies have to fulfil criteria in a number of areas: nutrition and health, attractive earnings opportunities, a family friendly environment, HR development and training, digitalisation, innovation, communication and transparency, mobility and transport links, personal freedoms and perks, and corporate social responsibility.

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