“Zukunftgeber” quality seal awarded to BMA AG and BMA Automation

Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG is the first mechanical engineering firm in the Braunschweig region to be awarded the “Zukunftgeber” quality seal, together with its subsidiary BMA Automation GmbH.

Blending “Zukunft” (future) and “Arbeitgeber” (employer), the “Zukunftgeber” seal officially certifies BMA and BMA Automation as “providers of a future”. It is awarded annually to local businesses following an audit by the Alliance for the Braunschweig Region and the Braunschweig employers’ association. To qualify, companies have to fulfil criteria in a number of areas: nutrition and health, attractive earnings opportunities, a family friendly environment, HR development and training, digitalisation, innovation, communication and transparency, mobility and transport links, personal freedoms and perks, and corporate social responsibility.


Petra Meyer, Senior Manager Human Resources, stressed the importance of presenting BMA as an attractive employer:

“We are very much aware that the future of a company depends on whether it is perceived to be interesting by potential applicants and current employees. Which is why we are all the more delighted that BMA has been certified as an attractive employer with the “Zukunftgeber” quality seal by the Alliance for the Braunschweig Region and the local employers’ association.”


Dr Christian Beer of the BMA AG Board of Directors said: “BMA has to offer its employees good economic prospects and also a reliable environment that lets them easily combine work and family life. The “Zukunftgeber” quality seal rewards our efforts and shows that we have created the right general and working conditions in our company.”


And Nils Bittner, Vice President BMA Automation, added: “I am very pleased that BMA Automation has been awarded the quality seal. Competition for highly qualified professional staff is fierce, and the “Zukunftgeber” award will help us position our attractive job opportunities, showcasing them for potential applicants.”


With the quality seal, the Alliance for the Braunschweig Region and the local employers’ association recognise the excellent work and efforts by BMA AG and BMA Automation GmbH as an attractive employer.