Joint team building

Braunschweig/Voronezh. Colleagues from Braunschweig were invited to an exciting joint team-building workshop by our subsidiary BMA Russia. In a simulation game, “Bolshak”, Russian and German colleagues from the BMA Group got to know each other. They were able to demonstrate their negotiating skills and develop their team capabilities.

At BMA Russia’s Voronezh site, a joint team-building workshop united colleagues from the Russian subsidiary and from Braunschweig in a simulation game. The game, “Bolshak”, provided an opportunity to participants from Russia and Germany to develop their interactive, communication and creative skills as a team. Bolshak is a simulation-based game, set in a remote Russian district with several villages, which need a road to link them to the nearest town. In their interactions, the individual groups frequently needed intuition and negotiating skills for their joint planning of the road-building project. The aim was to bring Russian and German colleagues even closer together and strengthen their collaboration.


The team-building workshop was very well received by the participants. One colleague said: “This was the best team-building event we have attended in the past four years. All colleagues were really involved in the process. It was emotional, interesting and very useful!

“We are very pleased with the great atmosphere among our Russian and German colleagues in Voronezh. It clearly shows the importance of personal contact for close and constructive collaboration”, added CEO Dr Dirk Steinbrink.