BMA Turkey is picking up speed

Founded last year, BMA Turkey has been headed by Mr Murat Torun since 1 April 2018. With this new man at the helm, BMA’s subsidiary is expected to gain more weight and visibility in the Turkish sugar sector.

Mr Torun has a Master’s degree in Engineering and he knows the country’s sugar industry inside out. In the almost twenty years before joining BMA, Torun held a range of positions in different Turkish sugar factories, as a Technical Chief, for instance, and, in the past seven years, as a Project and Investment Manager. During that time, Torun provided guidance for many successful modernisation and upgrade projects, and even for the construction of whole new factory complexes.

The new General Manager of BMA Turkey, who is known for his excellent networking skills, is expected to put BMA customer relations on a completely new footing and develop a portfolio of solutions geared specifically towards Turkish sugar producers. “We are delighted to have Murat Torun on board”, said CTO Uwe Schwanke of the BMA Board of Directors. “Together with this acknowledged expert in the local industry, we will set new technological trends in equipment for sugar factories and refineries in Turkey”.