An innovative idea transforms into a company: awama

BMA has always been committed to the development of new fields of technology. Over the past three years, BMA’s Dr Jochen Gaßmann and his team have been working hard on a new division, which is now a separate wastewater engineering company: awama GmbH.

We are delighted to inform you that, from 1 October 2019, BMA AG’s wastewater engineering activities will be handled by awama GmbH. Set up after three successful years of wastewater engineering work at BMA, awama GmbH is an innovative and sustainable company, which handles drainage engineering and thermal sludge and wastewater treatment

This spin-off of a BMA division will be able to focus even better on sustainable solutions that go beyond the established approaches to wastewater treatment, saving resources, improving disposal safety and reliability, and increasing the level of automation, in compliance with current and future statutory limits.

Like the division from which it has evolved, awama GmbH will be focusing on the development, sale, manufacturing and commissioning of environmental technology and apparatus and on engineering services relating to the treatment of process water, wastewater and sludge for municipal and industrial applications.

We believe that this business field and the products offered by awama GmbH have a great potential, permitting further development of the company, so it can continue to provide a wide range of services to our customers.

Congratulations to Dr Gaßmann and his team on taking this step after their hard and successful work, and all the best for the start as a separate company! We look forward to a continued collaboration between you, awama GmbH and BMA, which will benefit us all. For more details about the company, please go to http://www.awama.net.