Here you can find frequently asked questions (FAQ) about smart4sugar and smart.monitoring.

You can choose bewtween imperial and SI units. 

Yes, there is: please click here to open the registration form. You will receive the login details by e-mail.



There should be no need to install any software. You access the smart.monitoring service in a web browser.

Yes, it is. Simply register here with your e-mail address to gain access.

You can access and use smart.monitoring on almost any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. The service requires a stable and unrestricted internet connection If you use a web browser that is not supported by smart.monitoring, you may not be able to fully view or operate the dashboard.  

The smart.monitoring service forms part of the smart4sugar platform from BMA. Live centrifugal operating data are transmitted to an online dashboard and analysed. These data are available at any time and anywhere in the world. Boost your production efficiency, stay ahead of the competition and avoid quality losses.

Data on the smart4sugar platform are stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud and protected using the latest security standards.

The dashboard makes available a range of centrifugal operating data. Depending on your subscription model, you can access different indicators, such as batch time, filling time, maximum filling level, speed, sugar volume and energy consumption. The dashboard also displays centrifugal messages, warnings and alerts.

In a first step, we are offering smart.monitoring for our E-series batch centrifugals. We are planning to integrate smart.monitoring with additional machinery and equipment from BMA. If you would like to know whether your centrifugal is compatible with smart.monitoring, please click here to contact us.

That depends on your subscription model.

Basic: 5 centrifugals
Pro: 8 centrifugals
Premium: Unlimited*

*On request

The number of users depends on your subscription model.

Basic: 5 users incl. the customer’s IT administrator*
Pro: 7 users incl. the customer’s IT administrator*
Premium: Unlimited

*Please contact us if you need additional users.

smart.monitoring is currently available for our E-series batch centrifugals. Please send an e-mail to smart.monitoring@bma-worldwide.com to find out whether your centrifugal is suitable for use with smart.monitoring.

The current generation of centrifugals from BMA is shipped with a router for data transfer to smart.monitoring. There is no need for any conversion in this case.

Whether or not a conversion is necessary for retrofitting smart.monitoring needs to be checked.

Please click here for a smart.monitoring price list.

The dashboard is available in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese.

Yes, they are. All data are encrypted before transfer. For data security, we are relying on the state-of-the-art encryption technology of Microsoft Azure.

The online service is available at any time and anywhere in the world. Access is subject to a country’s restrictions to and limitations of internet connections, over which BMA has no control. The service requires a stable internet connection.

Keep your sugar factory ahead of the competition by relying on the expertise of the sugar experts from BMA.
Live operating data are available via an online dashboard. You also have the option to view the data for selected time periods in more detail. Click here to register for access to the demo dashboard.

The online dashboard can be accessed from any web-enabled* device anywhere in the world*.
You call up the dashboard in your browser*, no need to install additional software on your device. Data access is therefore possible at any time.

*Requires a stable and unrestricted internet connection.

Yes, it does. Have messages, warnings and alerts for your centrifugals sent directly to the dashboard on your device when you are off site.

When smart.monitoring has been activated, you can log on to the dashboard via www.smart4sugar.com.

If you have placed an order that includes smart.monitoring, you will receive the login details once your centrifugal has been commissioned.

Yes, you can. The length of the period varies, depending on your subscription model. Please refer to our specifications for details.