The K3300 type: a customisable standard product

Customisation of BMA centrifugals for special requirements 

In August of last year, BMA delivered three K3300 continuous centrifugals to Agrana Zucker GmbH, for upgrading the centrifugal station for C-product at their Leopoldsdorf site. Their first campaign has been a success, fulfilling all the agreed performance indicators.  

A product distributor for turbo mode 

K3300-type centrifugals offer these benefits:

  • Two-stage centrifugal basket with preliminary and main separation stages 
  • (Turbo3) product distributor with integrated steam application 

  • Automated lubrication system for low maintenance 

  • Reproducible adjustment of drive belt tension via a force sensor 

  • Controls accessible from the front 

  • Separate samplers for the product, green run-off and wash run-off  

  • Low height for good ergonomics 

Centrifugals with custom features 

In order to meet Agrana Zucker GmbH’s requirement for even greater process flexibility, BMA customised a number of centrifugal features. With the K3300’s standard water nozzle assembly, wash water can be applied separately at the preliminary and main separation stages. We added a fixed water nozzle assembly, which permits switching almost instantly between two different wash media. And thanks to the separate feed pipes for the wash water, each with an inductive flow measurement gauge, water consumption can be measured with very high accuracy. 

Added water nozzle assembly for a better energy balance 

BMA also fitted a water nozzle assembly that can be used for supporting or exclusive sugar purification at the main separation stage. As a result, the use of wash water can be further reduced, which has a positive effect on the energy balance, particularly at the pan boiling stage. 

The centrifugals’ PLC system was upgraded in line with the customer’s requirements, and the user interface of the 9” touchscreen customised to permit automatic control of wash water and steam. 

K3300: a customisable standard 

BMA has been selling its K3300-type continuous centrifugals since 2010. As standard products, they are regularly updated as part of the continuous improvement process. The technical details of the K3300 built for the sugar factory at Leopoldsdorf is a perfect example of how BMA centrifugals can be tailored to a customer’s special needs and requirements. Customisations of the K3300 standard model are possible at any time – and delivery times are not significantly longer.