A high standard

Our engineering team unites experts from many fields

First class planning of new plants and smooth commissioning procedures, reducing energy consumption and increasing output for existing plants: BMA's engineering expertise has many benefits.

Last year, BMA’s engineering activities once again covered a wide range – for the beet and cane sugar industries, sugar refineries, and providers of special sugar products. Our activities included the following:

  • Courses on topics such as extraction and crystallisation (in Chile, for instance), and training before or during the commissioning of new plants
  • Assistance during the commissioning of numerous new plants for extraction, crystallisation, sugar drying, etc.
  • Plant optimisation
  • Implementation of basic concepts and energy studies
  • Basic engineering and feasibility studies
  • Detailed engineering
  • Crystallisation tests in the BMA research centre, particularly on sugar substitutes and non-sucrose sugars

These would not be possible without our BMA engineers’ experience, knowledge and expertise in theory, engineering and the live operation of sugar factories. As part of a continuous improvement process, findings from operation are immediately transferred to new projects. With our close-knit global network of subsidiaries and agents, our customers can be sure to have one of our many experts nearby, to collaborate on engineering projects.

Useful tests on a laboratory scale

The BMA research centre also plays a major role. Frequently, there is not enough information about the properties of special sugar products (non-sucrose sugars). In the research centre, we can run tests to determine these data on a laboratory scale. When combined with crystallisation tests, the results can be transferred to a larger scale, even industrial plants.

Overall, engineering at BMA is aimed at achieving a high standard of realistic planning concerning plant capacity and performance indicators, and at preparing all documents needed for the implementation of a plant. Target plant capacities and performance indicators are met – frequently even surpassed – during operation.