The right choice makes a difference

Throughput, material & more: with centrifugals from BMA, all options are available

Buying a new centrifugal is an investment decision that requires careful consideration, not just in times when budgets are tight. Which is why the right configuration really matters. Ultimately those supposedly small details can make all the difference.

Both the basic models of our well-proven K3 and E-series and our extensive portfolio of options are under continuous development. Our top priority at all times: maximising the benefit for each customer. BMA customers can choose between highly customised centrifugals and ready-made machines from our extensive range of variants.

Our best-selling centrifugal, the K3300, was launched on the market over ten years ago. Attractive updates for this model and for the somewhat younger E series are made available regularly. They are not only the result of our development team’s innovative ideas – we often incorporate feedback from centrifugal users.

The right solution every time

BMA can draw on a wealth of user experience, having sold more than 700 K3300 and over 400 E centrifugals in the past ten years. That is how we can make sure that centrifugals from BMA are not just examples of cutting-edge technology, but that they also provide the right solutions for our users’ continuously changing requirements.

BMA centrifugals are well known for their high quality and performance and that will not change. In fact, we demonstrate the accuracy of our claims in regular on-site performance tests. We also critically review application details, so we can match our consulting services even better to individual application cases.

All our centrifugals have one more thing in common: they are single-source complete projects.
Centrifugals from BMA are almost turnkey solutions, with their mechanical and electrical systems fully operational. In addition to the machine itself, the scope of supply also includes the control system and switchgear, the drive technology and, if required, integration with a DCS, commissioning, and training of the customer’s staff.

Programmed for the future

Since 2018, we have fitted all our batch centrifugals with a router, which enables live transfer of centrifugal operating data to a specially secured cloud storage space. The data are visualised on a dashboard that can be accessed from almost anywhere. All that is needed is an internet connection and a suitable device (such as a mobile phone, computer or tablet). From the basic version, the operating state, warnings and alerts, are displayed. Additional options are the computation and display of KPIs (key performance indicators) such as energy consumption, utilisation rate, sugar output or OEE (overall equipment effectiveness).

The operator panel for the E-series centrifugals has been redesigned, making handling even simpler and more intuitive. Tried-and-tested features remain unchanged: by adjusting technology parameters in the control system from the operator panel, machine operation can be quickly adapted to changing conditions. Formula management permits simple storage of any number of setups, which can be used to easily preconfigure common operation scenarios. The benefits: less work for the operators and smoother running of the plant.

Operating a batch centrifugal station presents a number of challenges, while also offering considerable room for improvement. smart.sequencing from BMA is the perfect complement for handling this. It can be a standalone solution for the centrifugal station or integrated with the DCS. The customer decides whether the focus in operation should be on maximising throughput of the centrifugal station, on optimal energy efficiency – or a combination of both. Or could there be a bottleneck in sugar transport? As its name suggests, smart.sequencing is a smart control system that goes beyond simple interlocking, permitting quick and easy responses to sudden changes in the process. Centrifugals made by other manufacturers can also be integrated.

Focus on details

A rather “low-tech” issue is the switch in wiring for E-series centrifugals to Han industrial connectors. BMA uses these connectors, as they are easily identifiable and quick to disconnect and reconnect for maintenance or repairs. They are exceptionally reliable in very demanding applications and extremely harsh operating conditions. It takes just a few steps to disconnect the complete electrical installation, from the frame to the housing.

Back in 2018, we implemented a clamping ring with a different geometry as standard in our K3300. The new clamping ring system closes a gap between the wedge wire screen basket and the clamping ring. The clamping ring angle was also modified. Field tests have confirmed that this improves the sugar transport while also minimising the increase in purity of the molasses.

Mix & match

Depending on requirements, our centrifugals can be customised – for traditional products such as sucrose, dextrose or fructose, and also for various other applications. 
Customers can choose between a range of materials. Different steel grades are available, with a fully stainless-steel model at the top of the range. For different process requirements, too, customers are sure to find the right solution among BMA’s many options. 
Continuous centrifugals are available in different discharge variants: sugar can be discharged as a dry product, the traditional way, or it can be mixed in the centrifugal and transported as massecuite via pipes.
BMA also lets customers combine the two variants: such a “hybrid model” is designed to discharge product via a discharge cone and has the technology to permit addition of a mixing medium directly in the centrifugal. This prevents the formation of lumps of sugar, which would make the downstream process harder. Centrifugals with a conventional dry discharge cone can also be retrofitted as “hybrid models”.

The drive is what matters

One major factor in the price of a batch centrifugal is its drive. Choosing a suitable package can change the total price by up to 15 percent. Which is why BMA offers a range of drives for specific throughputs.

While batch centrifugals always have a frequency converter, the drive of a continuous centrifugal can be chosen based on what is needed for the factory: K-series centrifugals from BMA can be equipped as required from our range of solutions, which include low-cost hard-wearing Y-Δ starters, soft starters, and flexible solutions using a frequency converter.

Our centrifugals come equipped with control systems that we have developed ourselves. We add our expertise in application and machinery to components supplied by hardware experts. Whenever their technical advances have been demonstrably tested for a specific application case, these components are implemented in our machines. One such example is the current S7-1500 PLC generation from Siemens: BMA now uses a fail-safe version for its batch centrifugals. For both our E and K series, we supply control systems based on hardware from Siemens, Rockwell and Schneider. As for the drive configuration, we collaborate with internationally well-known partners, supplying solutions based on equipment from Siemens, ABB and WEG.

New or upgrade?

Centrifugals from BMA are well known for their durability. But they do reach the end of their economic life at some point, or they may no longer meet all the latest requirements. A decision must then be made whether to replace or upgrade them. BMA provides solutions for both options: some dimensions of the E-series centrifugals, for instance, match those of the G-series machines, making for a very straightforward swap. And the K3080, launched three years ago, is the perfect replacement for a K850 or K1100/ K1300.

BMA also has a wide range of upgrade options: upgrades for the electrical system including a control system offering up-to-date performance and security features; replacement of high-wear components such as centrifugal baskets; and various options for improving performance. We will, of course, always advise and assist our customers in the decision-making process.

Quick replacements during the campaign

Long-term planning for spare part requirements is not always possible. And particularly when parts are damaged or broken during the campaign, replacements are needed quickly. There is usually no time for custom manufacture, even if the supplier’s production is highly flexible. BMA now meets this challenge with a well-stocked spare parts warehouse. Our aim is to send out the required parts shortly after they are ordered, to fully meet customer expectations.

A few examples: first of all, of course, baskets for batch centrifugals, such as for the G1500/G1750, G2100, B1750 and B2200 models. BMA stocks baskets with a stainless-steel hub as standard. But we also stock baskets without hubs for customers wishing to continue using the existing hub. Delivery times in these cases are about two to four weeks, as the seat of the basket hub has to be machined to perfectly fit the existing hub. We do our utmost to keep times to a minimum.

BMA also stocks replacement baskets for continuous centrifugals, such as the K2300 type with a 3SN basket, or the K3300 and K3080. In addition, we keep many service products in stock, including G19 discharger upgrade kits, 3SN basket upgrade kits for the K2300, and Turbo 3 product distributors for both the K2300 and the K3300.

BMA Academy

At commissioning, not all operating staff may be available, or new staff may be taken on later. To ensure efficient and safe operation of our customers’ centrifugals at all times, BMA offers a range of training courses:

  • comprehensive training in all areas
  • focus on technology
  • focus on mechanical operation & maintenance 
  • focus on electrical operation & maintenance

If these do not meet a customer’s needs, BMA will be happy to offer tailor-made training.

The right centrifugal for every application!

With its range of sizes in both the E series (E1390, E1810 and E2240) and the K3 series (K3080 and K3300), BMA caters to the performance requirements of small and large sugar factories and refineries. Particularly the wide range of drives for batch centrifugals allows customers to find the perfect configuration for their requirements. And with the broad selection of material variants and technology options, our customers are sure to find the perfect centrifugal.

But if there are any requirements that we have not considered: with their many years of experience, our design and engineering teams will always find the best possible solution.

Mix & match

Our centrifugals can be configured as required. BMA can offer:

  • a wide range of different sizes
  • different materials
  • technology options
  • choice of target throughput
  • special services