The largest of their kind: four extraction plants to be built by BMA

Sustainable sugar process thanks to better energy efficiency and lower CO₂ emissions

While a sugar factory’s location, processing capacity and technological processes determine its success to some extent, the energy consumption and related CO2 emissions are increasingly important factors. Which is why no fewer than four sugar producers have opted for extraction plants from BMA. They rank among the largest currently under construction in the sugar sector.

Raffinerie Tirlemontoise: a state-of-the-art extraction plant from BMA  

One of BMA’s customers is Raffinerie Tirlemontoise. The Belgian subsidiary of Südzucker is replacing two of its standard RT drum systems with a state-of-the-art extraction plant from BMA. This technology investment for greater energy efficiency and climate protection will receive EU funding. 

At a constant processing capacity of around 15,000 t of beet, the extraction plant from BMA reduces the raw juice draught from 115 to 100 percent. As a result, less water is needed for sugar extraction, and consequently less energy for evaporation.  

BMA will engineer, supply and install almost all machinery and equipment, as well as being responsible for the steel structure, piping, insulation, wiring and the switchgear cubicles. Commissioning of the plant is scheduled for September 2023. 

Dobrovice sugar factory: extraction plant for lower energy consumption 

The Czech Dobrovice sugar factory owned by the Tereos group is also aiming for lower energy consumption. In an EU tender procedure, BMA won the bid for supply of an extraction tower to process 10,000 t/d of beet from the 2024 campaign onwards.  

It will be replacing two RT drum extraction plants. BMA had supplied a suitable cossette mixer back in 2018. With the existing extraction plant from BMA, the factory will have a processing capacity of around 15,000 t/d of beet. 

Bor sugar factory: a new extraction plant for more capacity 

The Bor sugar factory in Turkey is upgrading its production equipment with an extraction plant from BMA, to replace two smaller plants. This will improve processes and energy efficiency, as well as increasing the factory’s processing capacity from 6,000 to 10,000 t/d of beet. The investment was made based on a comprehensive basic concept prepared by BMA. Completion of this complex project is scheduled for the start of the 2023 campaign. 

Nordzucker: investment in an extraction plant from BMA 

Nordzucker AG recently ordered an extraction tower from BMA for its Uelzen sugar factory. Designed for a processing capacity of 12,500 t/d of beet, the plant is expected to be ready for service for the 2024 campaign. With its investment, Nordzucker aims to considerably lower the raw juice draught from the factory’s three extraction towers. 

BMA extraction plants for greater sustainability 

BMA can prepare extensive engineering studies for any existing extraction plant, in many cases even in the customer’s own language. We also have the flexibility to tailor the scope of supply to custom requirements and budgets. One common feature of all our extraction plants is that they significantly lower a sugar factory’s energy consumption, helping our customers meet their sustainability targets.