• Green City Nanning is the centre of this lush, subtropical region and a major gateway to the countries of Southeast Asia

Ready for all challenges

BMA China invests in new office and workshop

BMA (Nanning) Industries Co., Ltd. are based right in the heartland of the Chinese cane sugar industry, in Nanning. It is the capital of the Guangxi Autonomous Region, which accounts for over 60 % of national sugar production.

Located in the south of China, the city covers an area of more than 22,000 square kilometres. With a population of roughly seven million, Nanning is a medium-size city by Chinese standards. It is also known as Green City, because of its lush evergreen subtropical vegetation. 

Nanning is a cosmopolitan city and regional centre, the hub of the One Belt, One Road intercontinental infrastructure, and a major gateway to Southeast Asia. It plays an active role in communication between China and the Southeast Asian countries.

A direct link to our partners

The BMA Nanning office was opened in November 2016, with many customers present. It is headed by David Chen, previously Sales Manager for BMA China and today its General Manager. To focus even better on our customers and strengthen ties with them, we have transformed the Nanning office into a subsidiary: BMA (Nanning) Industries Co., Ltd. was officially established on 13 October 2017.

BMA China’s workshops, where centrifugals for Chinese customers are built from key components manufactured in Germany and locally made parts, had been facing logistical challenges for some time. As part of a fundamental restructuring, we decided to set up workshops at Nanning’s Yinkai Industrial Park. Located on the city’s motorway ring road, this industrial estate offers excellent transport links and can be reached from BMA Nanning by car in no time at all.

Looking forward with confidence

In recent years, requirements for our Chinese site have changed considerably. With our new workshop, offering BMA ample space for all necessary assembly work in China, and the establishment of BMA Nanning, we are now readier than ever for all challenges.