Experts for large tasks

Across industry boundaries, our manufacturing expertise is in demand

BMA has been a leading supplier of equipment to the international sugar industry for more than 160 years. As well as building complex and highly dynamic machinery such as centrifugals, a special service we offer is handling oversized plants and apparatus.

Diameters of more than 12 m or heights exceeding 30 m are not uncommon – in fact, production at BMA is geared to such dimensions. It therefore comes as little surprise that companies from the transport and steel sectors, some of them local, are attracted by our manufacturing capabilities. BMA is a major partner of regional manufacturing firms, particularly when it comes to the handling of large and heavy workpieces and components. 

Forming and prefabrication, welding and construction

Partners also benefit from our vertical integration. From forming and prefabrication to machining, welding and surface finishing, and to mechanical and apparatus engineering – BMA has a wide range of expertise under one roof. We have different regulation certificates, such as for the construction of pressure vessels. Additional assets: efficient, state-of-the-art machinery that sets standards – with production design included on request.

The BMA infrastructure and our teams’ range of expertise can be helpful in many ways. Last year, we repaired a 200 t torpedo car for a local steel company, in an extensive overhaul carried out by BMA. We are now working on a follow-up order for six more cars. In the vehicle technology sector, BMA has been taking on the final machining of welding assemblies for rail vehicles for several years. 

A partner for R&D

In contract manufacture, BMA has been manufacturing tools for research and development organisations, including advising them on manufacturing technology issues. There are many research centres in the region. According to the EU’s statistical office, Braunschweig is the German city with the highest share of employees in research and development, and one of the leading regions in the whole of Europe as regards expenditure in this field.

BMA AG is not alone: some of the Group’s international subsidiaries are also engaged in contract manufacture. An excellent example is BMA America. Several sectors benefit from their work, such as the oil, mining and brewing industries, as well as agricultural firms in Colorado.