Experience and Teamwork

BMA assembles new sugar drying plant in Russia

Experience is always a good thing. You can build on it in new projects, and it will help you achieve good results. This is what happened with the OOO “KURSKSAKHARPROM” sugar factory in Russia.

In close collaboration between BMA Russia and BMA in Braunschweig, we assembled and commissioned a new drying plant for the OOO “KURSKSAKHARPROM” sugar factory in no time at all. Assembly took just under three months, with two short breaks.

Cold and hot commissioning

Once assembly work was finished, preparations could start for what is referred to as cold commissioning – commissioning without the product. During this stage, the operation and sense of rotation of all electrical drives were tested, tanks were filled with the relevant liquids, and the measuring and control systems checked.

Once the plant was connected to the power and steam supplies, hot commissioning started, with wet sugar being fed into the new drying plant. After about 30 minutes, the first quantities of dried and cooled sugar were discharged from the drum dryer. The result fully met the customer’s – and our own – high expectations.

The foundations for successful operation

What made this commissioning special was not just the short time frame, but the fact that all systems worked quite smoothly at the first start-up. Even though a few changes and tweaks will be necessary in the near future, the foundations for successful operation have been laid.