Safety at work starts at home

As the days are getting shorter, BMA employees in Braunschweig get a free bike check at work.

At BMA’s Braunschweig site, a special offer was available to all cyclists: as part of BMA’s ”For more safety at work” scheme, employees were given the opportunity to have their bicycles thoroughly checked. Dr Dirk Steinbrink of the Board of Directors is hoping this will help raise awareness of safety at work among BMA staff. Particularly as days are getting shorter, bike lights and brakes should be in good working order, because safety at work starts at home! Together with the Lebenshilfe charity’s radspezial team of bike experts, all bicycles were inspected and repaired – with BMA footing the bill. Between 8.30 in the morning and 5.30 in the afternoon, the mobile bike workshop was kept busy with repairs large and small. The team had brought along inner tubes, lights and bulbs, pedals, brake shoes and many small parts.

Almost 30 cyclists from BMA took advantage of the offer, to be prepared for this dark time of year. “Finally my brakes are working properly again. And they’ve even fixed my loose handlebar. What a fantastic initiative!”, said Susanne Winkelbrand as she picked up her bicycle.


It was a first for BMA. “Working with the Lebenshilfe team went really smoothly. I’m sure we’ll run this offer again”, said Head of Marketing Julius Kröger, thinking about the year ahead.