BMA Brazil wins award in the category “Sugar Centrifugals”

December 2018 saw the award ceremony of the 16th Prêmio Visão Agro Brasil 2018 (Agrarian Vision Award), one of the year’s top events for energy production from sugar cane, at Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo in Brazil. The award is aimed at recognising outstanding achievements in cane sugar production over the previous year.

Introduced in 2003, the Prêmio Visão Agro Brasil is today one of the most important social events in the Brazilian cane sugar industry. The event was attended by many well-known figures from the industry. This year’s ceremony also addressed promising new prospects for the sugar sector in Brazil. Awards were given to professionals, companies and organisations who have helped to advance quality and competition standards in this sector, which is of major importance for the country. There are several award categories: visionaries; VIPs; achievements in energy production from sugar cane by region; administration; agriculture; manufacturing; best factories; and certified companies.

BMA won an award in the category sugar centrifugals. “This is the first time we have won an award. When we started our business in Brazil in 2011, our aims were to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction with the most important product BMA sells in this country”, said Carlos Vieira, General Manager of BMA Brazil.

“There may be major challenges, but we are planning new investments in 2019 – and the Prêmio Visão Agro Brasil 2018 shows that we are on the right track! Our customers and partners want to continuously improve their processes, optimise costs, and increase efficiency and output. Which is why BMA firmly believes that investing in developments in this sector will pay off”, concluded Vieira.