Best practice in after-sales

BMA machinery and plants are known around the globe for their long service life and high availability. Nevertheless, preventive maintenance and repairs are still necessary. Which is where the After-Sales teams from BMA come in. This week, service technicians from six countries gathered in Braunschweig for their annual knowledge sharing and training event.

As in previous years, the 2017 meeting of BMA service technicians was held at the company’s head office in Germany. Almost 20 after-sales professionals from Russia, Tunisia, Morocco, China and the United States had come.

A varied programme of presentations, workshops, discussions and training units filled the five days. The meeting was aimed at the sharing of experiences, as well as introducing best practice in after-sales and presenting new developments, upgrades and the range of new services from BMA. In a later part of the event, service technicians participated in training units on centrifugal automation and safety at work.

Discussions and workshops towards the end raised some points for next year’s agenda. Taking on board various issues and reports of experiences, new service products were broadly outlined; they are to be developed in time for the next meeting.