Modular structure for custom configuration

Designing our centrifugals in such a way that they can be easily adapted to the operating conditions in any factory or refinery has proved to be an excellent approach. With its modular additions to the basic model, the new K3080, too, can meet the requirements of any company. An example: the housing comes in several variants and can be easily converted, for the discharge of either dry sugar via an outlet cone onto a conveying unit, or of mixed or melted sugar directly via pipes. So, whether the focus is on throughput, sugar or syrup quality, this centrifugal can be tailored to meet your goals.

PLC-based control system

The PLC-based control system from BMA, developed specially for continuous centrifugals, comes in a number of configurations based on components from, for instance, Siemens or Allen-Bradley. It has already proved successful with the K3300 and permits consistent operation of all state-of-the-art continuous centrifugals from BMA. The basic package comprises a broad range of sensors, such as a vibration sensor for maximum reliability.

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