Accepting responsibility

On 25 August, BMA and the “AntiRost” initiative, joint winners of the Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce’s 2017 “Social Transfer Prize”, were hosts to Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil. BMA CTO Uwe Schwanke and Günther Hinterberg, who heads the AntiRost initiative, showed Weil around the historic factory complex where AntiRost have set up their workshops. A major topic of discussion was corporate responsibility in the social field.

Award of the Social Transfer Prize to BMA and AntiRost in May sparked much interest from society, which still continues. Prime Minister Weil himself in fact insisted on seeing first-hand what the two project partners do. BMA and AntiRost were awarded the prize for their project “Together for Africa – recycling humanitarian aids”. For over ten years, the AntiRost initiative has been recycling assistive equipment such as wheelchairs, rollators, mobility aids, glasses and prostheses, which it then donates to international aid organisations. AntiRost act as the organisers, while BMA provide staff, funding, informal support and the logistics.

The Social Transfer Prize is awarded by the Braunschweig Chamber of Commerce every year to honour the particular social commitment of entrepreneurs. It rewards projects run jointly by companies and social organisations.