More investments at Braunschweig: a new robotic welding system for BMA

Braunschweig. Coming soon to the production workshop of BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG at Braunschweig: a new robotic welding system.

Coming soon to BMA’s production workshop at Braunschweig is a new robotic welding system. The new production line will be used to build so-called “large welded assemblies”, which include centrifugal housings and frames. At the same time, the new machinery will expand BMA’s product portfolio for internal and external contract manufacturing. With this new robot-based production line, BMA is introducing another welding robot to its Braunschweig workshops. 


Extensive planning and conversion work

Commissioning of the new production line required extensive planning, which kicked off in mid-2018, and conversion work, starting in early 2019. In a first step, the existing machinery in the machine hall was disassembled. Then the foundations were removed, so new foundations had to be laid before the welding robot was installed. This was followed by assembly of the production line. Thanks to the excellent planning team, the whole robotic welding system was commissioned after just six months.


A range of investments at the Braunschweig site

The new production line is just one of a range of investments in infrastructure and energy and environmental management at BMA’s Braunschweig site. Past acquisitions have included a centrifugal cycle time production line, two vertical boring mills, a bench-type boring machine, a centre lathe, a welding robot, a portal milling machine, and now the robotic welding system. Thanks to the many investments and new equipment, BMA customers will benefit from a broader range of products and manufacturing services. And once again, the significance of BMA’s production site in Braunschweig is highlighted.


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